I am the author of two books, the motorcycle travelogue Et andet Afrika (written in Danish) and the photo guide book Cruise with your Camera (written in English).

I also had the pleasure of photographing both the front cover and/or the image content of historybooks, cookbooks, quizbooks, non-fictionbooks, yearbooks and biographies.


An off-the-beaten-track motorcycle travelogue.

Another Africa (Danish: Et andet Afrika) is a story about my year long motorcycle journeys through the dark continent, Africa.

Along the way I undertook several assignments for the international NGO's Save the Children and Doctors Without Borders, assignments that took me and my motorcycle to remote corners of the vast contint, all the way to Cape Town in South Africa.

It's a story about my subtle acquaintances with weird arabs, loverable africans, around-the-world adventurers, happy-go-lucky tourists and my traveling companions.

I like to think that Another Africa is a real travelogue, set on a contint most people (unfortunately) never get to experience.

1. edition (cover)


Published by Aschehoug

Year 2003

Written in Danish

Paperback, 216 pages

Color cover and content

Size 15,7 x 22,6 cm

Print run 1.650 pcs.

ISBN 87-11-11621-8

1. edition (back)

The first edition is sold out.

The book was also published as an audio book narrated by Ole Rabendorf (some may not know the name, but they will certainly know the voice).

2. edition (cover)


Revised edition

BoD/PoD publishing

Year 2018

Written in Danish

230 pages

Color cover (b/w content)

Hb size 15,9 x 23,5 cm

Pb size 15,3 x 22,8 cm

Print run *

ISBN 978-1-38-939480-5

2. edition (back)

This edition is now sold as Print on Demand.

Available as both paperback and hardback from Blurb.com

3. edition (cover)


Revised edition

Published by

Lindhardt og Ringhof

Year 2021

Color cover

Print run *

ISBN 9788726575880

Available as eBook

and audiobook

Another Africa


The book Another Africa received several very nice reviews in the Danish press and a few sour ones.

Here are some of the reviews I appreciated the most.

Touring Nyt

(the largest motorcycle magazine in Denmark)

"The book is truly well written. The author possesses an enviable ability to perceive and describe details that make the story alive and relevant. A colorful and well-laid out language".

FDM Motor

(the largest car magazine in Denmark)

"... a vivid and direct account of fun, exciting, dangerous and bizarre experiences".

Adventure World

(Danish travel magazine)

"... goosebump-evoking and decidedly uncomfortably well written".


(Danish, nation-wide newspaper)

"... it's fun and excitingly written. Even the follies along the way are exhibited".

Kristligt Dagblad

(Danish, nation-wide newspaper)

"... a well written book".


(Danish, nation-wide newspaper)

"... a vivid and colorful story".


(web based travel portal)

"... an excellent travel book".


The photo guide to perfect travel pictures in Antarctica and the Arctic.

The book Cruise with your Camera was written for the expedition cruise line Hurtigruten.

In the book I guide the readers through the many pitfalls of photography and I offer cool tips and tricks, preparing the readers for the extreme conditions found in Antarctica and the Arctic.

The book describes classic photo techniques, hence it can be used by most photographers.

1. edition (cover)


Published by Hurtigruten AS

Year 2016

Written in English

Paperback, 168 pages

Color cover and content

Size 15 x 23 cm

Print run 2.000 pcs.

1. edition (back)

The first edition is sold out.

2. edition (cover)


Published by Hurtigruten AS

Year 2018

Written in English

Paperback, 168 pages

Color cover and content

Size 15 x 23 cm

Print run 2.000 pcs.

2. edition (back)

At the moment the second edition is sold exclusively on Hurtigruten's explorer ships.


Danish stamps and the stories behind them

The annual stamp issues.

I must admit, I am immensely proud of this specific book cover. It depicts my picture of the charming Golden Retriever Chivas in an incredible, reflective print.

Chivas is one of the 7 amazing dogs I photographed for a 5-stamp series commisioned by the Danish Postal Service PostNord (former Post Denmark).

The 67-page book is a numbered, limited edition collectors item and it's published annualy, displaying the Danish stamps of the year.

It supports the publication of the 5-stamp series and it also unfolds the stories of the stamps.

The book is written by Jesper Tveden and published by the Danish Postal Service PostNord.

I have supplied 11 images for the book, including the front cover picture of Chivas.


from Bastrup Sø to Øresund

I guess this book tells almost everything regarding the history of Mølleåen (Mill Creek), from the source at Bastrup Sø to the outlet in Øresund.

The chunky book is authored by the knowledgeable Danish historian Jesper Asmussen and I photographed almost all the pictures over a period of two years.

It was published by Lindhardt and Ringhof in June 2010 and it was well received, especially in the Northern part of Zealand.


The Danish-Swedish history

There's a tremendous amount of churches, mansions, castles, runestones and ruins in south Sweden and east Denmark.

I spent 14 days photographing 200 historic locations all over the Danish islands Sealand and Bornholm and the Swedish provinces Skåne, Halland and Blekinge and the island Hven.

It sucks when you use a 1990's road map.

The beautiful and informative book is authored by historian Jesper Asmussen (2012).

I have supplied 175 of the pictures, including all cover photographs.


On assignment for Doctors Without Borders.

One of my hardest assignments was made in cooperation with the international, medical organisation Doctors Without Borders aka MSF (Médecins sans Frontières) in the last year of the decade-long civil war in West African Sierra Leone.

I covered five days in the life of the Danish anesthesiologist Vibeke Brix Christensen and her coworkers in the (only) two operational hospitals in Sierra Leone.

It was dramatic and very emotional.

The book is written by Merete og Mogens Brix Christensen, the parents of Vibeke Brix Christensen.

I have supplied 4 images for the book, including the cover picture.


The monks, the food and the good health.

A book about the remarkebly healthy monks at Mt. Athos in Greece and their way of living and eating.

I spent six days on the inaccessible Mount Athos peninsula hiking from monastery to monastery, photographing and eating humble food, yet food for kings and emperors - words can hardly describe it.

The book is written by Stig Ekkert (2009).

I have supplied 123 of the pictures, including 4 of the cover pictures.

I apologize for the two blurred pictures on the cover, they are not mine.


Some of my stock pictures have been purchased and used for covers on various books.

Take a look at some of my publications from the last two decades.

Karsten Bidstrup




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